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Sleep Room

The Sleep Room is a very relaxing, comforting and soothing room which enables the child/children to have a very restful sleep.

First Steps has a separate sleep room within the Nursery where the children can either have a nap in a cot or a pushchair depending on how they like to have their nap.

The Sleep Room has a monitor linked to the baby room which enables the staff in the baby room to hear if a child has woken up or is unsettled, there is also a Sleep Room information Sheet that the staff complete on a daily basis, this records the time the child/children are in the room, the time the child/children have gone to sleep, and how many in total children are in the room. The staff also physically check each sleeping child within the sleep room in 10 minute intervals and record the findings on the Sleep Room Information Sheet how many children are awake/sleeping and all is well, these sheets are filed for future reference.

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