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Activities & Facilities

First Steps believe that the first years of a child’s life are crucial in laying foundations for the future and a positive approach to your child’s education in the preparatory years is of vital importance.

Children develop as thinkers and learners through formulating and testing their own experiences. These opportunities for experience are created through themed activities to encourage all round development and are specifically designed to meet the needs of the child. At First Steps Day Nursery each child will be cared for throughout the day according to their own particular needs.

The Children choose what activities they would like to do on a day to day basis, and these can change as often as the children would like the changes to be done. The rooms are set up with various resources that the children have shown an interest in or have they have chosen the resources themselves from easy accessible resource materials within their particular room.

Healthy Eating

At First Steps we promote the importance of Healthy Eating to all the children and parents. We provide a Healthy Eating snack both in the morning and afternoon with either milk or water to go with their snack, we discuss with the children how it is important what we eat and drink to enable them to become healthy individuals. We also discuss with parents the importance of them providing a healthy and balanced packed lunch, including a healthy drink of water or milk to accompany their packed lunch. The staff also complete the Snack Menu on a daily/ weekly basis and this is displayed outside on the 2 – 5 room notice board for parents to see the varied choice that the children have on a daily basis.

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